Brand Ambassadors

Captain Dave Carraro -
F/V, Wicked Tuna TV Show

"As a competitive and safety-conscious captain, I now require my whole crew to keep a SPOT GEN3 on their primary survival suits. I also keep three SPOT TRACE units on our secondary inflatables so we can be easily tracked in case of emergency."

Ben Rueck

"In my search for adventure, I travel the globe to some of the most remote places ranging from New Zealand to China in search of new rock climbs and big walls. With my SPOT I can have a reliable way to let my family know where I am and that I am still alive and ok when there is no other communication. To me that is invaluable."

April Vokey -
Angler and Hunter

"Finally I have a way to let my family know that I'm ok (or not) while fishing and hunting! Over the years, I've dabbled with various devices that can reach emergency services if I'm lost or injured... but none of them allowed me the opportunity to communicate reliably with my family and track my movements. My SPOT GEN3 lets them know if I'm ok, if I'll be late, if I need non-life-threatening assistance, or if I need emergency-responders. All of us just feel a little more secure not having to wait for me to get back in cell service to check in."

Victoria Valchev -
Mountain Climber

"Carrying a SPOT with me in the mountains not only makes me feel safer in case of an emergency, but it's also a great way to keep in touch with my family by sending them my location several times per day. Hooking it to the outside of my pack allows me to keep covering ground while the messages send."

Katie DeLorenzo -
New Mexico Huntress

"Being alone in the wilderness with no cell service is unsettling. As an aspiring solo hunter in the vast open space of the Western U.S., the SPOT GEN 3 gives me the confidence to explore. From its tracking capability to the SOS feature, the SPOT device reassures my family that I'm safe and gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing that if I ever do end up in a survival situation I can summon help with the touch of a button."

Leigh Wright -
Everyday Explorer

"While not all of my adventures take me off the grid, having SPOT allows my friends and loved ones to track where I am and gives me peace of mind in case I do run into trouble."

Aaron Phillips -
Wilderness Guide, Naked and Afraid Survivor

"I spend copious amounts of time in Florida's subtropical and tropical wilderness. My SPOT Gen3 helps my wife and son sleep better while I'm away. Thanks to Globalstar, followers and fans can adventure right along with me!"

Adventure Aaron -
Aaron Carotta

"My SPOT tracker provided a unique and precise location that I could also share with my social media following, eager to follow along. It was put to the text over the course of my most recent outdoor expedition on the water for 233 days, and passed the test with flying colors. I am happy to say I am part of all that SPOT LLC offers and look forward to sharing the experience with their products on my next adventure."

Edward Gramza -
Avid Hunter and Fisherman

"My SPOT Gen3 gives me and my family the peace of mind that I can let them know I am safe when out in the field. Too often, the best places to chase game are in areas with little to no cell service. The SPOT Gen3 is one of the most important tools in my pack."

Trevor Thomas -
Blind Hiker

"As a professional, blind long distance hiker, safety for myself and my guide dog is my priority when in the back country. No matter who you are, things can go wrong and my SPOT GEN3 is the most important piece of gear that I have."

Tennille -
Guide Dog for Trevor Thomas

"SPOT keeps my guide dog, Tennille, safe when we're out on our journeys. I don't have to worry that is something unexpected happens, she's tracked by superior satellite technology that can pinpoint her location every 2.5 minutes"

Dale Sanders -
"The Grey Beard Adventurer" and oldest man to solo paddle the MS River

"I carry my SPOT Gen3 for multiple reasons, but mostly because it gives me peace of mind knowing I have SPOT with me everywhere I go away from civilization."

Dan Kennedy and Nicole Truax-
Linked Ring Photography

"SPOT is our way of enjoying total isolation without being totally isolated. Help is only a button push away, and that peace of mind is comforting whether we're on a 91km canoe paddle in a torrential rainstorm, stuck on a mountain during a hailstorm, or floating in the middle of the ocean. We know SPOT is always looking out for us."

Glen DuPont-
Avid Motorcycle Rider and SPOT Rescuee

"I've used SPOT for a number of years when riding. Never did I think I'd be using the S.O.S. button...but if it weren't for SPOT, rescuers would have never found me when I fell off a cliff in 2013. I don't go anywhere without my SPOT GEN3."

Bryan Keenan-
SoCal Guided Hunts and 1st Hunt TV Show Host

"As a professional hunter and guide there is no better peace of mind for myself and my clients than a SPOT GEN3. As hunters, we sometimes let our guard down to chase the game. SPOT GEN3 is the best tool a hunter could have, knowing you can get help if needed with just the push of a button."

Paul Pelland-
"Long Haul Paul"

"In addition to having peace of mind while traveling alone, my SPOT allows my supporters to follow my journey as I cross the continent chasing a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. MS may have taken my memory, but by using the SPOT GEN3, I no longer worry about forgetting to call my wife after long days on the road. Yes, my SPOT doubles as a marriage saving device!"

Simon & Lisa Thomas -
2 Ride The World

"Lisa and I have used SPOT's tracking system over the years to provide us peace of mind and security in the most remote regions in the world. Our families and friends stay sane, knowing that we're safe and well, with a press of simple 'OK' button."

Clark McNulty -
Water Photographer and Ocean Dweller

"I rely on my SPOT GEN3, SPOT GLOBAL PHONE and SPOT TRACE while traveling the world's oceans in search of big game fish and ocean wildlife. It's great to able to stay in touch and reach out if I need help."

Jay Scott -
"Jay Scott Outdoors"

"I have a real sense of peace knowing that I have the SPOT GEN3 with me on my hunting and fishing adventures. My wife can rest easy that I am still alive and kicking by getting updates and being able to track my every move. Just knowing that it makes her much more comfortable is a relief. I hope to never have to use the SOS button but if I do I know that help will be on the way".

Ramona Cox -
"Sky Chick"

"I specifically seek out the most remote, challenging and pristine airstrips in North America where few pilots have the equipment or skills to land. With no cellular service, my SPOT GEN3 is my 911. Whether it's a forced landing in unfriendly terrain or a post-landing emergency situation, I know I can count on SPOT should an emergency occur."

Ken Hoeve -
Extreme Paddle Boarder

"Often times the places we paddle are not only dangerous but also remote. SPOT keeps me connected so that in the event things don't go as planned I always have the ability to communicate with a rescue resource. Having a tool like this helps reduce the risks and allows me to focus on the rapids"

Carter Andrews -
"The Obsession of Carter Andrews"

"Whether I am on a fishing adventure with my family and friends or filming an episode of my TV show The Obsession of Carter Andrews I travel with my SPOT GEN3. The security and confidence I feel with SPOT allows me to enjoy the adventure that much more."

Scotty Breauxman, Moto -
Adventurer & Creator of BAJA Rally

"Riding alone in the Baja Rally CA desert seems like a careless risk. With my SPOT always within reach of either hand, it becomes a calculated risk. SPOT is as important to me as fuel and water."

Lonnie Dupre -
One World Endeavors

Lonnie is the founder of One World Endeavors and has traveled over 15,000 miles by dog team, ski and kayak. "It's a peace of mind knowing I have a SPOT beacon in my pack to update family and friends."

Gary Reeves -

"I didn't get it for me…I got it for my family. I fly into mountain airports where radar and cell phones don't work. The SPOT GEN3 works with to provide Surveillance Enhanced Search & rescue tracking and sends messages to my family when I land, so they know I'm safe and can sleep easy."

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